Graduate level training in Biosciences in Padova

The 3-yr Ph.D. Course in Biosciences is the doctoral program of the Biology Department of the University of Padova, and it is therefore the best choice program for prospective students with a fellowship from the China Scholarship Council willing to obtain a Ph.D. title in biological disciplines in Padova. The University of Padova is ranked first in Italy for the research quality in Biological Sciences and its Biology Department is one of the top-rated in the country.

The Course offers teaching and research activities in a broad spectrum of fields of biology and is organized in four curricula: Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Cell Biology and Physiologytypo3/#_msocom_2Evolution, Ecology and Conservationtypo3/#_msocom_3  and Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformaticstypo3/#_msocom_4.  The PhD will perform research activity under the supervision of one or more faculty members. Research can be conducted in the labs of the Biology Departmenttypo3/#_msocom_5 and at the Botanical Garden in Padova and, in Chioggia, at our Marine Station located on the Venice lagoon.

Available lines of research cover several topics of biology, ranging from basic to applied research, and are performed both in model organisms in laboratory and in non-model organisms in the field. All the different levels of biological organization, from molecules to individuals and from cells to ecosystems, are covered. The Ph.D. program promotes the integration of different disciplines including biochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology, cellular biology, developmental biology, genetics, botany, plant biology, zoology, animal anatomy, physiology, anthropology, eco-toxicology, ecology, evolutionary biology, philosophy and history of biology. The inter disciplinary competences offered by the Ph.D. Course allow the establishment of lines of research with direct socio-economic impact such as, for example, in modeling and investigating mechanisms of diseases, in developing of novel energy production tools with biofuel, in the monitoring of invasive species and conservation genetics, and in fishery management.

Our group of 35 faculties has a distinguished scientific productivity, with an average of 22 publications for member in the past 5 years, a total of over 32,000 citations since 2009, and a cumulative h-index of 113. A specific feature of the Ph.D. program is to help students in building their own academic carrier, as testified by the high number of publication in top journals with Ph.D. students as first or second author.

The Course is based at the Vallisneri Interdepartmental Complex, a stimulating environment that also hosts the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Department of Molecular Medicine. The scientific community is extremely lively and multifaceted, with a large offer of Seminars, Joint programs and Plenary Lectures.

  • The Course offers 2 positions for academic year to candidates from the People’s Republic of China, with scholarships provided by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). 
    The application is open for CSC candidates for the next PHD program starting in October/November 2017. The offer of admission will be conditional to the awarding of the CSC grant. The candidates with Chinese citizenship interested in CSC scholarships, and planning to apply to the PhD Program in Biosciences, will submit their application to get an offer of admission to the University of Padova PhD program, following the procedure that can be found  here.
    The application deadline is January 19, 2018 at 13:00 (Italian time)
    . Candidates will have to specify in their application the  curriculum for which they wish to compete. Although not strictly necessary, candidates are encouraged to contact  a potential supervisor among the  Faculties of the PhD program in Biosciences before submitting their project.
  • Additional positions are available for candidates from the PRC through the standard selection procedures held by the University of Padova and through specific call (CARIPARO fellowships) for foreign students.
    Details can be found  here and  here.

Padova is a very pleasant University town of very old traditions. The University was instituted in 1222 and the Botanical Garden, the oldest in the world, was created in 1545. This tradition continues today, with the recent inauguration of the Biodiversity Garden, that well exemplifies the mix of modern and antique typical of our city. With about 62,000 students and 200,000 residents Padova offers a very lively atmosphere and hosts a well-established community from the People’s Republic of China. The city is located 35 km from Venice and 80 from Verona and offers great cultural and recreational opportunities.

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