To the students of the Course in Biosciences

The teaching activity of the PhD program will be organized according to the following lines.

1)    Each year the Course will organize some courses of general interest, while others will be organized within each PhD curriculum.

2)    During the entire duration of the PhD, students have to attend a total of 3 courses, ideally 2 during the first year and 1 during the second year. Students with particular needs can decide to replace one or more of the courses with others selected from University programs or from other Doctorate Courses. In all cases, however, the chosen didactic activity must have the agreement of the Coordinator and the Tutor.

3) Courses on “Scientific English” organized by the Course or by the University are optional and additional to the three courses to attend.

                                                                                          The Coordinator


Teaching activity 2018

(Note that this program might be changed. Please check it regularly for updates).

General courses


• Communicating Science Effectively. Dr Elisabetta Mutto Accordi. 15 November 2017 / 31 January 2018, Aula Pezzuoli, Policlinico universitario.

• Basics of image analysis with ImageJ. Prof. Francesco Argenton. 6-9 March, Botta Building.

• A journey inside the cell: new methods to track its activity profiles live. Dr Antonella Pasquato. 19-22 March, Polo Vallisneri, Room N, mezzanine.

Enhancing gender awareness in scientific research. Prof. Lucia Manni. May 11th May, room B ground floor, Botta Building.

Early evolution. Prof. William Martin. 14:30 - 16:30. Room N mezzanine, Vallisneri Building.
31st May: Early uninhabited Earth, emergence of life.                                                                        
11th June: Early deversification of physiology.                                                                                      
20th June: The dark origin of photosynthesis.                                                                                    
27th June: The origin of eukaryotes: physiology, membranes, processes.

Notes on Statistical analysis. Dr Rimantas Eidukevicius. Botta Building, Bioinformatics room 1B, first floor.
12th June. 9.00–12.00: Basic notation and introduction to experiments.
14th June. 14.30–17.00: Introduction to experimental design.
15th June. 14.30-17.00: Hypotheses testing.
18th June. 14.30–17.00: Power Analysis. Room 1G, first floor.

Data analysis, manipulation and presentation in Biology: a primer in the use of R. Prof. Mauro Zordan.


Biochemistry and Biotechnology curriculum

Cell Biology and Physiology curriculum


Evolution, Ecology and Conservation curriculum



Seminar cycles and Symposia

Journal Club  Biochemistry and Biotechnology curriculum, organizer Prof. F. Lo Schiavo.

Journal Club Cell Biology and Physiology curriculum, organizer Prof. E. Greggio.

Journal Club Evolution, Ecology and Conservation curriculum, organizers Profs. M. Griggio, C. Mazzoldi.

Journal Club Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics curriculum, organizer Prof. F. Argenton.